I am now doing commissions! I can draw anything you need, whether it’s character art, illustration, pixel art, graphic design, or 2D / 3D / motion graphic animation work.

Character Art

I can draw and paint any character(s) you request, including existing pop-culture characters, portraits of you or someone you know, or an original character that you want designed. The finished product will be colored and shaded, with your choice of lineless or outlined format. Prices can be negotiated based on the level of quality you want, and they are determined by the number of subjects in the drawing.

  • 1 Subject – $40
  • 2 Subjects – $70
  • 3 Subjects – $90
  • All additional subjects after 3 – $30 each

Please be aware that while my art style is versatile, your expectations should align with what is already present on my site. In other words, if you want a commission done in an art style that is drastically different from mine, I may refer you to other artists who more appropriately suit that style.

Freelance Animation and Modeling (3D, 2D, and motion graphics)

If you need temporary animation work done for a project of yours, I can provide an estimate of the time required for the work you would like done. I charge by the hour, based on my estimate. The amount billed will remain the same, regardless of whether I take longer than initially projected. This means I will not charge you for work that I failed to estimate properly. However, if you change your mind in the middle of the project, or ask for a change that involves re-doing work that has already been completed, I will need to provide a new estimate accounting for the extra work.

  • All Animation Work – $25 / hour
    • 3D animation and modeling – I work primarily in Maya, but I am also capable of learning other 3D programs as required for the project.
    • 2D (hand drawn) animation – I do this primarily in Toon Boom and After Effects, but I can also work in Adobe Photoshop and learn other programs as needed.
    • Motion Graphics – I do this primarily in Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

Pixel Art

This is more a personal hobby of mine, but I have experience recreating movie, TV, and video game characters as 8-bit, classic Mega Man-style sprites. Others have expressed an interest in my doing this as a service, and my rates are as follows:

  • One subject, recreated as a Mega Man sprite – $15
    • Additional frames of animation for the same character – $10 per frame

I am also available to do completely original sprite art, whether for a video game or personal needs – The cost varies widely, depending on the size, complexity, number of frames, and overall scope of the work you need done on the character(s). Contact me directly for additional details.

Feel free to use my Contact page for any questions, concerns, or commissions!

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