I have extensive experience creating motion graphic videos. Everything from instructional videos, VSL’s, advertisements, and beyond. Feel free to view any of my samples here!

General Motion Graphics Reel:


Below are several other specific projects that I have made for various clients.


This was a launch video for a new marketing platform. I produced it for my employer in the Spring of 2016.
All live-action elements are stock footage, with text and all composited visuals created by me in Adobe After Effects.


Made this for a client using Adobe After Effects. Created all 2D content from scratch in Adobe Illustrator, with the exception of a few in-house materials provided by Medtronic (logos, screen captures, etc.). Animation, compositing, and final edit were all performed in After Effects.


I created this video as a launch promo for Strata Spaces VR.


In the creation of this VSL (Video Sales Letter), I created over 120 digital drawings using ProCreate for iPad Pro, and animated a custom-made timelapse sequence for each drawing in Adobe After Effects.

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